One of the main product add on differences between Disney Infinity and Skylanders is the addition of Power Disks. Within the Skylanders game, you power up your character through gameplay. Although you can purchase Legendary figures, there is no physical upgrade possible to your figure. With Disney Infinity this is possible through Power Discs. These coin like and hexagonal discs can be placed under your character to unlock upgrades and new items.

The coins themselves feature images of more poplar Disney/Pixar characters, such as Aladdin, Snow White, Nemo and Tron. So for example a Snow White Power Disc may unlock a carriage to be driven around in within the Toy Box mode.


Your first Power Disc is included in the Starter Pack, then more can be purchased in what is known as a Blind Bag. For anyone not aware of this term, think Trading Cards or Lego Minifigures. For a cost of $4.99/£3.99 (tbc) you can purchase a sealed bag containing two mystery Power Discs. Although it has now been announced, we would anticipate that you will see these Power Discs attached to Disney DVD's and other merchandise in the future.

At launch there are 21 Power Discs confirmed (There were 20 discs announced in Series 1, but a 21st Disc that can only be found in Gold Power Disc packs (random packs, not every pack) was announced by Toys R Us the the USA. It is unknown if this disc will be available in other countries at launch. Check back for more info..


 Disney Infinity Power Discs Series 1

Disney Infinity Power Discs Series 1 B

Disney Infinity Power Discs Series 1 C


Disc Number 21 - Mike’s Car Power Disc

Mike’s Car Power Disc unlocks Mike Wazowski’s car from Monsters Inc in the Toy Box world of the game.

This disc is exclusive (in USA) to the Gold Power Disc packs.

disney infinity mikes car power disc


Rare Power Discs

In addition to Mike's Car, these discs are also classed as Rarer than the other 17 discs in series 1.

1> Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster Vehicle Power Disc

2> Dumbo Flying Elephant Ride Power Disc

3> Abu as an elephant Power Disc


The two variations of Power Disc pacs for Series 1:

disney infinity gold power discsdisney infinity power discs